Unfortunately, multi-vehicle collisions are prevalent and may be complicated. You can do all in your capacity to prevent an accident, but you can’t stop others from causing one. One driver comes speeding into you, then another, and another. Soon, there’s a series of collisions termed a multi-vehicle accident. So, who is responsible if you are involved in a multiple car accident?

What Constitutes a Multi-Vehicle Collision?

A multiple-vehicle accident occurs when more than two vehicles collide. On a freeway, this is sometimes described as a “pile-up.”

The following are examples of multi-vehicle accidents:

  • A rear-end collision: when a driver runs into another car from behind.
  • A head-on collision: when vehicles travelling in opposite directions run into each other.
  • Crash at an intersection: when a driver ignores a traffic light, stop or yield sign, or a traffic warden and runs into a vehicle coming into an intersection.
  • Lane change crash: when a driver doesn’t make use of his side mirrors before switching lanes.

The most prevalent form of multi-vehicle accident is a rear-end collision. This sort of collision also makes it apparent who was at fault.

Identifying Who is Responsible

It is difficult to win a personal injury claim in a multiple-car collision because you must first prove fault.

Winning claims and cases requires proving liability. Whoever is responsible for the domino accident will be required by law to pay all harmed parties for their losses.

However, every insurance company will advocate for its client and attempt to show that they were not to blame or only partly at fault. When you have several individuals and insurance companies involved, things may get complicated. And, if you live in a state with a comparative fault statute, establishing culpability is equally crucial.

Car damage and witness accounts will help investigators determine which car triggered the multi-vehicle crash. The complete investigation may take some time, but it will be worth the wait.

Working with an Attorney

As earlier said, it is difficult to ascertain who is to blame in a multiple-car incident. It’s not something you ought to do yourself, especially if you’re wounded. If you are affected in a vehicle accident, especially one involving several vehicles, you should seek the counsel and assistance of a car crash lawyer.

A claim must be made for you to obtain compensation for any car damage caused by the accident, any injuries incurred, or any person-hours missed as a result of the accident. You have to deal with the other persons involved in the incident and their insurance providers and attorneys. The more fault laid on you, the less everybody else has to pay. To safeguard yourself, you need to contact an experienced automobile accident attorney who will look out for your best interests.

A legal team will accomplish the job for you, allowing you to focus on your recovery. A vehicle accident lawyer will handle everything from speaking with bystanders and investigators to managing the paperwork and communicating with insurance companies to get you the absolute best outcome. Try to be calm and trust that you are in competent hands.

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