1) Contact the local County Animal Control Department and make sure they conduct a full investigation. They will usually tell you if the dog was current with its shots and if the dog will be quarantined.

2) Contact the local Police authority so that they can conduct a criminal investigation. Cooperate with them and the State’s Attorney’s Office with any criminal investigation and prosecution and request a copy of the police report and McHenry County Animal Control report.

3) Take photographs of the scene of the attack.

4) Take photographs of the injuries resulting from the dog bite. If possible, photograph the injuries before you receive medical attention.

5) Make sure to get photographs of your loved one while in the hospital, at the emergency room and while admitted at the hospital convalescing.

6) Obtain the name and contact information of the animal owner, and/or the person who had control of the animal during the attack, as the owner may not be the only person responsible for your injuries.

7) Do not speak with the dog owner’s insurance company. Never give a recorded statement to the dog owner’s insurance company. They are not on your side!

8) Do not sign any release or except any compensation for injuries from the insurance company until you speak with Attorney David N. Rechenberg.

9) Call David N. Rechenberg at (847) 854-7700 to schedule a free audit of your dog bite injury, before the Statute of Limitations expires and you lose your rights to compensation.

If the claims adjuster is calling you about your dog bite injuries order the free CD entitled: Learn the Seven (7) Questions to Ask When the Insurance Adjuster Calls Asking for Your Recorded Statement“.