Many dog bite victims are rushed to the emergency room for medical treatment. Depending on the severity of the dog bite attack, the emergency medical treatment could entail dissolving stitches or regular surgical stitches, staples, or butterfly bandages in addition to disinfecting and irrigating the wounds.

Many times after a McHenry County dog bite or animal attack, the victim will develop scars at the dog bite attack. Below is a list of the types of scarring that may result from a dog bite attack.

1. Keloidal Scar or Hypertrophic – These types of scars are where the skin is raised up creating a lumpy or bumpy feeling. The scar tissue is essentially an over growth resulted in over production of collagen fibers. These types of scars usually require surgical revision. These types of scars have a layer of skin over the affected area. When the surgeon removes the top covering of skin called the stratum “corneum” and re-secures it, then the skin can re-grow and flatten out and resume its normal color.

2. Atrophic scarring (also known as indented scarring) – This type of scarring occurs when there is a depression or valley in the skin commonly caused by collagen destruction. These types of scars are commonly known because of their dermal depressions and are known to be the longer to heal.

3. Dog Fang Scars / Ice Pick Scars – These types of scars are usually caused by a loss of tissue under the skin which has been destroyed. If surgical revision is required for these types of scars, the surgeon will fill the depressed area to level the skin to its normal height.

4. Hyper-pigmentation – Skin coloration that is darker – After a dog bite, many times, the resulting scar will be darker then the surrounding tissue. Sometimes topical ointment will reduce the darker skin discoloration.

5. Hypopigmentation (white scarring) – This condition develops during the natural healing process of a dog bite. A plastic surgeon may be able to treat this condition surgically by reopening the wound to create a better healing process.

6. Scar Contraction – In this condition the scar contracts and the range of movement is inhibited. This condition usually occurs after skin grafting and large surgical scar revision.

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