Sometimes dogs bite without provocation. Other times, dogs bite as a reaction to being teased or someone getting in its space. But a dog can also bite out of fear. Knowing what can cause a dog to bite or attack is the first step in preventing or possibly reducing injuries.

What You Need to Know That Could Prevent a Bite or Attack

There is a lot that can be said about dog behavior. But some things are especially important to know as it could prevent someone from being bitten or attacked.

For instance, a strange dog should never be approached. While the dog may appear to be friendly, without knowing the dog personally, there is no guarantee it will be kind when approached.

It’s also important to avoid running past a dog, as it triggers a dog to run. Never touch or pet a dog that is eating or caring for puppies, as it will become protective. The same is true for a dog that is sleeping, as it can be startled.

What to Do If Threatened or Attacked by a Dog

Even if a person does everything he or she can to prevent an attack, a dog may still threaten to bite. The dog may start growling or approach menacingly. It’s important to avoid eye contact, to not scream, or again, not run.

The key is to remain as still as possible. Once the dog leaves, the person should back away slowly until the dog is completely out of sight.

Unfortunately, the dog may still attack. If the dog lunges, use whatever is available as a protective shield. A bicycle, backpack, or rolled up jacket are examples of what can be used to protect yourself.

If knocked to the ground, roll into a ball. The back of the neck should be protected with the hands. Tucking the head under will reduce the likelihood of being bitten on the face. And as difficult as it may be, avoid pulling away as it can make the physical damage more severe.

If a dog does bite or attack, then victims may consult with an attorney at Franks & Rechenberg in McHenry for legal guidance regarding their legal rights and options following a dog bite.