Getting injured at work can lead to a lot of complications if the right steps are neglected. When you follow the correct process after sustaining a work-related injury, you will be entitled to compensation provided you meet specific deadlines.

When you’re injured at work, here are some steps to take to ensure you get your full compensation without any issues.

It is also essential to know your standing in your place of work. Contract workers are not eligible for workers’ comp. Only fully employed individuals who get injured at work are qualified for compensation.

Without further ado, here are steps you need to follow.

  1. Report The Injury

Immediately after the injury occurs, it is best to report to your employer immediately following internal procedures. Although you have ten days to make a report, there is no harm in making the report right away.

When the report has been filed successfully, the worker might need to take some days off, while the employer will have ten days to submit an Employer’s First Report to the Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC).

After the report, the statute of limitations commences immediately. The earlier you make the report, the better chance of having everything going successfully.

  1. Obtain Medical Care

When you’re injured at work, it is expected you seek medical help as soon as possible. Some states in the US allow injured workers to choose their medical provider. When selecting a medical provider, ensure that

they can accept payment under the fee schedule, or you’ll be paying from your purse.

Your employer can have you see a physician of their choosing. However, you’re not required to undergo treatment of your employer’s choosing. When you do visit your physician, let him or her knows that it’s a work

injury. If possible, describe the incident that caused the damage and the summons you feel.

  1. Take Expenses And Missed Work

There are different types of workers’ compensation, which you might qualify for. Sometimes, your medical expenses and partial loss will be recovered. In that is, it is necessary to track your expenses and another essential document.

It may include doctor’s reports, test reports, surgeries, medication, or medical equipment like crutches.

With these documents, you’ll be able to build a strong claim.  Just make sure you hire a competent attorney for guidance.

  1. Hire A Lawyer

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer will go a long way to protect your claim. He or she will help you to gather all the necessary evidence that will support your case.

We have reliable and experienced lawyers who are ever ready to fight with you until your claim is settled. You don’t need to walk through this alone when you have a professional at your disposal.


By following the right steps after a work-related injury, you will have more edge in proving your claims and finally getting the settlement you deserve. With a reliable legal representative, you never have to worry about getting your claim denied.

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