McHenry County Personal Injury Settlements

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$1,086,434.00 Medical negligence case, 46 year old female suffered a ruptured spleen. Failure to diagnose and failure to treat. Libertyville, Illinois

$800,000.00 for a 30-year old single female killed in a rear-end automobile collision. Alden Township

$4,300,000.00 Judgment in a hate crime case, husband and wife in mid 30s, Wonder Lake, Illinois

$1,400,00.00 verdict for police disability pension (lifetime benefits); 47 year old female officer, lumbar fusion. Johnsburg, Illinois

$500,000.00 38 year old male hit while on a motorcycle traveling 10 mph. Two surgeries, the first being a type II labral tear, the second a rotator cuff repair. Significant lost wages. Barrington, Illinois;

$400,000.00 intersection automobile crash, 44 year old Female, fractured foot, neck injury, body brace for 6 months, physical therapy. Richmond, McHenry County Illinois

$250,000.00 for a 37-year old married female killed in an intersection collision. Libertyville, Illinois

$225,000.00 personal injury, 34 year old male, two separate surgeries resulting in a lumbar fusion L4-L5, Chicago, Illinois

$206,000.00 verdict award, 34 year old male, side swipe car crash. Left shoulder, right hand dominant, Torn Labrum, SLAP tear surgically repaired. No future medical required. Lake Bluff, Lake County Illinois

$200,000.00 (policy limit) intersection car crash. 50 year old man suffered back injury resulting in spinal surgery. Settlement offer pre suit was $1,200.00. Fox Lake Illinois

$200,000.00 products liability case. 46 year old man, right hand dominate, had his left hand crushed and lost the top portion of two of his fingers. Cook County, Illinois

$200,000.00 settlement;  52 year old male fractured right foot while climbing a ladder. Multiple fractures, surgery with pins and screws. Disputed wage differential claim. McHenry County, Illinois;

$197,500.00 rear-end truck crash 43 year old female, low back injury, re-injury to herniated disc, two weeks in hospital, physical therapy. Huntley, McHenry County Illinois.

$176,179.00 Jury verdict. Car crash case. 74 year old woman suffered post traumatic stress syndrome, $6,179.00 in medical specials. Defendant turned left in front of the plaintiff. Huntley, IL

$140,000.00 45 year old male welder; slap lesion, carpal tunnel surgery; 8(d) (1) wage differential case, Marengo, Illinois

$125,000.00 Personal injury settlement, Car crash, intersection collision, 37 year old male low back injury with surgery, Laminectomy at L5-S1; Chicago, Illinois

$120,000.00 settlement, 16-year female in automobile collision requiring a cervical fusion, Harvard, Illinois (policy limits)

$108,000.00 A 68 year old male salesman, work injury tripped and fell at work, Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair & Subacrominal Decompression; Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Olecranon Fracture. Algonquin, Illinois

$105,000.00 rear end car crash 45 year old male. ACL knee surgery. Defendant lived in Crystal Lake, IL

$100,000.00 policy limit. Car crash. 29 year old male low back strain. One week hospitalization following car crash. No lost wage claim. Carpentersville, Illinois

$100,000.00 (Policy limit) Automobile crash, 35 year old male cervical disk herniation, C5-C6 anterior cervical discectomy. McHenry county

$100,000.00 (Policy Limit) 39 year old male high speed T-Bone Crash in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Herniated disc at L5-S1 Two Epidural Steroid injections, Bulging Disc at C6-C7, Left ulnar neuritis and carpal tunnel surgery

$100,000.00 (Policy Limit) 19 year old female hit while riding a bike in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. Patella tendon surgery, scar to left knee

$100,000.00 ($50,000.00 policy limit from the defendant driver; plus $50,000.00 from clients underinsured motorist coverage (policy limit)) 45 year old female driver rear ended causing a herniated disc to her neck. Anterior cervical surgery with a good recovery. Crash occurred in Elgin, Illinois

$100,000.00 settlement for a 37 year old male, torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament and torn medial meniscus right knee , Both surgically repaired, resulting from a car crash. Crystal Lake Illinois

$100,000.00 (policy limit) 63 year old female passenger in an intersection crash; Broken ribs, Fractured sternum, Collapsed Lung, Hospital stay. Johnsburg, Illinois

$100,000.00 for a 57 year old woman single car crash, injured her neck when she was a passenger in her husbands car. Carpentersville, Illinois

$100,000.00 for a 49-year old male with a motorcycle intersection hip fracture injury. McHenry, Illinois

$100,000.00 67 year old female auto crash, herniated disc two levels, Elgin, Illinois

$100,000.00 Lumbar discectomy, rear end automobile collision, male 32 years old, return to work with our restrictions, Chicago, Illinois

$95,0000.00 58 year old factory worker, DVT ; 19(h) Petition, Medical Benefits for life Fox Lake Illinois

$83,561.00 personal injury, 39 year old male, arthroscopic knee surgery repair a torn medial meniscus and bulging discs, Elgin, Illinois

$80,000.00 Rear end Automobile crash. 49 year old male. Right medial meniscus injury, arthroscopic surgery. Lake in the Hills, Illinois

$79,521.51, 31 year old male Automobile crash in Bloomingdale, Illinois suffered bulging disc, treatment was two steroid injections

$75,000.00 Jury Verdict. Car crash involving cervical and lumbar strain. Physical therapy, No surgery. 64, year old female. Carpentersville, Illinois

$70,000.00, cervical flexion injury with two epidural steroid injections. 45 year old female, St Charles Illinois

$65,000.00 43 year old office worker, anterior cervical discectomy, Lake in the Hills, Illinois

$65,000.00 auto crash 37 year old woman, suffered a lumbar and cervical sprain and bulging disc. Carpentersville, Illinois

$55,000.00 settlement, 33-year old female, slip and fall, low back injury (herniated disc), Loves Park, Illinois

$50,000.00 Rear end automobile crash, 54 year old woman with prior low back injuries. Lumbar strain treated with epidural steroid injections. McHenry county Illinois

$50,000.00 Intersection auto crash, 42 year old female. Cervical flexion injury. Algonquin Illinois

$50,000.00 intersection automobile crash. 46 year old female, cervical flexion injury, carpal tunnel surgery. Elgin, Kane County, Illinois

$50,000.00 “fresh money”, rear-end automobile accident, underinsured motorist claim, (original claim settled for $20,000.00), 41 year old male, cervical flexion injury with conservative treatment, Crystal Lake, McHenry County Illinois

$49,000.00 settlement, 55-year old female, cervical flexion injury, Woodstock, Illinois

$49,000.00 for a 50-year old female with a cervical fracture injury. Woodstock, Illinois

$49,000.00 in a case involving an intersection automobile collision, a 3-day hospital stay, and no permanent injuries. Lake County, Illinois

$45,000.00 Dog Bite case lightly visible scar on lip, 35 year old female, Lake in the Hills Illinois

$43,000.00 36 year old factory worker, traumatic injury to hand resulting in amputation index finger, Elgin, Illinois

$42,000.00 settlement, 38-year old female, cervical flexion injury, Woodstock, Illinois

$41,500 settlement for a 41 year old male with a cervical fusion Highly disputed negligence claim. Marengo, Illinois.

$40,000.00 rear-end automobile accident, 52 year old male, neck and back strain, Lake Zurich, Lake County Illinois

$40,000.00 as partial settlement for a 53-year old male with a cervical herniated disc. Marengo, Illinois

$40,000.00 personal injury, 58 year old female, non-displaced fracture to left foot, Richmond, Illinois

$40,000.00 Non-Displaced foot fracture rear end automobile accident; 52 year old female; Richmond, Illinois

$35,000.00 settlement, 46-year old male, suffered a cervical flexion injury as a result of an automobile collision in Lake County, Illinois

$34,000.00 Auto crash 80 year old man suffered a soft tissue low back injury, Woodstock Illinois

$32,000.00 for a 43-year old male with a cervical flexion injury in a rear-end automobile collision. Rockford, Illinois

$30,000.00 settlement, 46-year old male, suffered a cervical flexion injury as a result of an automobile collision, Spring Grove, Illinois

$25,310.00 personal injury, 48 year old male, cervical flexion neck injury, bulging disc C-5-C7, Crystal Lake, Illinois

$22,500.00 as partial settlement for a 36-year old female with a cervical flexion injury in an automobile collision. Johnsburg, Illinois

$21,000.00 personal injury, policy limit ($20,000.00), 49 year old female, cervical flexion injury, Lindenhurst, Illinois

$18,000.00 rear-end motorcycle accident, cosmetic damage to motorcycle only, 32 year old male, bulging disc, chiropractic treatment, Machesney Park, Winnebago County Illinois

$18,000.00 for a 35-year old male with a cervical flexion injury from an intersection collision. Rockford, Illinois

$17,500.00 automobile accident, 46 year old male, neck and back strain, Crystal Lake, McHenry County Illinois

$17,500.00 rear-end automobile accident, 43 year old male, whiplash resulting in cervical radiculitis, chiropractic treatment, Chicago, Cook County Illinois

$16,000.00 motor vehicle intersection accident, 45 year old male, left occipital nerve block, Elk Grove Village, Cook County Illinois

$10,700.00 Soft tissue low back injury; intersection crash; 59 year old male; Harvard, Illinois

$100,000 low back epidural, steroid injections, tinnitus, car crash M 46, Lake in the Hills

$98,000 Herniated disc neck, Epidural steroid injections, Spinal cord stimulator trial, Car crash F 45, Woodstock

$50,000 Neck pain Rear end, Cervical Sprain, Ankle sprain, Rear end car crash,  F 37 Barrington

$89,175 Torn meniscus, surgery required, Dog Attack M 38, Carpentersville

$100,000 Fractured Sternum, Broken Ribs, 5-day hospital stay, Car crash F 70, Prairie Grove

$200,000 Bulging herniated cervical discs C5-6, Facet injections, Radio Frequency Ablation,  Car crash F 52, Crystal Lake

$205,000 Neck sprain, Trigger point injections and epidural steroid injections, bilateral carpel tunnel surgery, Car crash F 38, Crystal Lake

$92,500 Subdural Hematoma couppled with brain swelling, car crash by drunk driver, M 26 Belvidere

$124,000 Anterior cervical, Discectomy and one-level fusion C5-6,  Car crash, M 60 Schaumburg

$60,000 Cervical Disc protrusion at C4-5 migrains, Left turn car crash,  F 34 Crystal Lake

$345,000 Open Bicep tenodesis to repair bicep tendon with anchors. Shoulder surgery to repair labral tear.  rear end car crash,  M 64 Huntley

$25,000 Internal derangement strain low back, rear end car crash, M 54 McHenry

$250,000 Disc bulge L4-L5, several epidural steroid injections, rear end car crash, M 64 Crystal Lake

$75,000 Aggravated fibromayalgia,  rear end car crash,  F 60 Crystal Lake

$73,200 Neck pain, lateral epicondyle steroid injections, disc bulge C5-6, Rear end car crash, M 52 Schaumburg

$23,275 Chipped tooth and swollen feet, Car Crash, M 64 Belvidere

$45,000 Cervical pain and rotator cuff tenderness, Car Crash, M 53 Chicago

$51,595 Mild Concussion, neck sprain, shoulder pain, Rear end, M 80 Harvard

$35,000 Cervical Sprain, small bone fracture, left elbow strain, right knee strain, Rear end,  M 63 Huntley

$37,000 Lower back pain, neck sprain, Rear end,  M 47 Libertyville

$200,000 Cervical sprain, rotator cuff tear in dominant arm, Car crash, M 57 Barrington

$100,000 Shoulder surgery, slap tear & rotator cuff tear, Car crash, M 58 Cuba Township

$100,000 Fractured orbital eye bones, eye blurriness, Head-on, M 25 Hebron