Reporting a dog attack or bite is important, considering the risk of suffering serious complications. Victims may find themselves burdened with medical costs, along with the physical and psychological consequences, such as scarring and potential for emotional trauma.

By taking the necessary steps when reporting a dog attack or bite by a dangerous dog, it could be helpful later if a claim is filed. A McHenry County dog bite lawyer can help pursue a claim.

To whom should I report a dog attack or bite? 

Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to contact the police about a bite from a dangerous dog. This is true if there is any uncertainty about who to call. The police may be able to direct the person elsewhere if necessary.

Animal control or the appropriate agency should be contacted in most cases. This may depend on the county where the bite or attack occurred. McHenry County Animal Control, located in Crystal Lake, should be contacted when there is an incident of a bite in that area.

It is also important to contact a doctor. If necessary, call 9-1-1 to receive emergency care at the scene and/or in an emergency department.

Additionally, if the injuries are severe or fatal, it may be necessary to contact a McHenry County dog bite lawyer. Doing so will help in determining if the injured person has a viable claim if bitten by a dangerous dog.

How should I contact necessary parties when reporting a dog attack or bite?

If the injuries are severe or life-threatening, it’s important to call 9-1-1. If the victim is not seen in an emergency room, then contact the person’s physician. If there is difficulty with scheduling, try to see another doctor.

McHenry County Animal Control can be reached at 815-459-6222. The same number can be called after hours.

When it comes to legal issues, victims may contact a law office directly. For instance, the law office of Franks & Rechenberg can be reached at 847-854-7700. Our McHenry dog bite lawyers can help evaluate and build a case following a bite from a dangerous dog.

When should someone be contacted after a dog bite attack?

It is the law in McHenry County to contact animal control as soon as possible if a domestic animal bites a person. If requested by the Administrator (appointed veterinarian licensed by the state), verification from a physician that a bite or attack has occurred may be required.

A doctor should be contacted immediately, if the person hasn’t already received medical care in an emergency department. It will be critical to have the wounds — no matter how minor they appear to be — looked at by a medical professional.

A McHenry County dog bite lawyer should be contacted once there has been a determination as to the extent and severity of the injuries.

What information will be needed when reporting a dog attack?

If the dog or dog’s owner is known to the victim, the owner’s name and/or address should be included when reporting the dog attack or bite. If unknown, the location of where the attack occurred or any information regarding where the owner may live should be provided.

Be ready to provide a detailed description of the dog. Specifics should include the breed, color, distinguishing marks (such as spots), size and anything else that will help find the dog responsible for the attack.

It’s also important to tell animal control about the types of injuries sustained in the dangerous dog attack. Don’t downplay the injuries, but don’t exaggerate either. Be honest and straightforward regarding the injuries and provide only details of the attack of which you’re sure.

In fact, all of this information should also be provided to a McHenry County dog bite lawyer if a decision is made to pursue legal action. Additionally, an attorney may request photographs of the injuries, contact information and/or statements from witnesses, and anything else that is pertinent to the case.

Victims of a dangerous dog attack can contact a McHenry County dog bite lawyer at Franks & Rechenberg at 847-854-7700 with questions about legal options as well as reporting the dog attack.