When the weather turns chilly, the snow boots come out and walkways get salted. While many businesses take precautions to keep walkways and floors safe, not every establishment is proactive in protecting customers from hazards.

If weather conditions create hazards in areas where customers walk, the business owner should be aware of the possibility that it may cause slip hazards for their customers. Therefore, property owners should attend to puddles created by rain or melting snow as soon as they appear on their properties.

Outside, keeping sidewalks ice- and snow-free is important during the winter months. For rainy days, for example, attention should be paid to rain spouts and where they empty.

When these hazards are not attended to and a customer is injured, the store owner may be held liable for property negligence. The main challenge of these claims is often that it was an act of nature – not negligence – that caused the hazard.

A victim must prove that the property owner could have prevented the slip and fall hazard if he or she had been diligent in assessing the effects of weather conditions on the property. If it is known that an area will flood or ice will form, the property owner should take the necessary steps to prevent those hazards on the property.

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