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Have you been in a McHenry County automobile accident that was not your fault?  Bitten by a dog in Algonquin, IL?  Or hurt at work in Lake in the Hills? Your family or friends may have suggested hiring a personal injury lawyer for your injury case to recover money for your damages.

For the past twenty-three years, David N. Rechenberg has been serving as a personal injury lawyer helping ordinary people in Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills overcome extraordinary obstacles. We understand that the complexity of personal injury and workers’ comp claims can be overwhelming to an individual without specialized legal knowledge, so we have dedicated our practice to helping those who’ve been injured in an accident or due to another person’s negligence.

Why Choose Franks & Rechenberg

Experienced Litigation Lawyer

David N. Rechenberg is an experienced Personal Injury Attorney with 29 years of experience successfully handling personal injury cases.

Prosecuted Hundreds of Cases

He has prosecuted hundreds of Workers’ Compensation cases in McHenry, Lake, Kane, Boone, Winnebago and Cook Counties. In addition to the Workers’ Compensation experience he brings to your case, he has tried numerous Jury Trials for injury victims.

Down to Earth Personality

Not only is Mr. Rechenberg an experienced trial practitioner, he is a regular, down-to-earth guy who always returns his telephone calls. His clients routinely thank him for returning telephone calls, and appreciate how comfortable they feel with speaking to him about their case.

Personal Injury Settlements

$200,000 (Policy Limit)

intersection car crash. 50 year old man suffered back injury resulting in spinal surgery. Settlement offer pre suit was $1,200.00. Fox Lake, Illinois, April 2015


Jury verdict. Car crash case. 74 year old woman suffered post traumatic stress syndrome, $6,179.00 in medical specials. Defendant turned left in front of the plaintiff. Huntley, IL, November 2017


rear end car crash 45 year old male. ACL knee surgery. Defendant lived in Crystal Lake, IL, November 2017

$100,000 (Policy Limit)

Car crash. 29 year old male low back strain. One week hospitalization following car crash. No lost wage claim. Carpentersville, Illinois, October 2015


Under Insured Motorist Award. Arthroscopic Knees surgery, Meniscus tear, 52 year old female, Algonquin, Illinois, October 2016


Jury Verdict. Car crash involving cervical and lumbar strain. Physical therapy, No surgery. 64, year old female. Carpentersville, Illinois, April 2014

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