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What To Do During And After Your Doctor Visit To Recover More Compensation from Your Car Crash Settlement

Hi, this is Dave. Most likely you found this website because you have been injured in a car crash or auto accident that was no fault of your own. If you’re an Illinois or McHenry County resident, you’re in the right place. I built this website, wrote a FREE car accident book, and recorded a FREE car accident and auto crash CD for IL car crash victims who were injured through no fault of their own.

The free car accident book, entitled “7 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Illinois Car Accident Case“, and various helpful CDs are free just for the asking by filling out the Car Accident Book Request Form on the website or by calling our office.

The free car accident book is full of valuable, useful information dealing with the issues that arise after a car crash. My clients have told me that they have learned a great deal of information by reading the book, listening to the CDs, and visiting our Personal Injury website.

I am pleased to know they found answers to their questions during an uncertain time in their life. They learned the seven things that can destroy an Illinois car accident case, what to do when the Claims Adjuster calls asking them to sign medical authorizations, or take a recorded statement, who should be paying their medical bills, plus much, much more.

If after educating yourself about your rights, you decide to hire an attorney to help you with your case, please contact our office to schedule to a free audit of our claim.



$800,000.00 for a 30-year old single female killed in a rear-end automobile collision. Alden Township, April 2006.

$400,000.00 intersection automobile crash, 44 year old Female, fractured foot, neck injury, body brace for 6 months, physical therapy. Richmond, McHenry County Illinois, December 2009

$250,000.00 for a 37-year old married female killed in an intersection collision. Libertyville, Illinois, April 2006.

$197,500.00 rear-end truck crash 43 year old female, low back injury, re-injury to herniated disc, two weeks in hospital, physical therapy. Huntley, Illinois. November 2009

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