After a vehicle accident, you are more than likely to be shaken up and stressed about the bills coming your way. To make matters worse, the other driver may approach you and refuse to settle the accident through insurance. Many of these individuals promise to pay you directly, but generally does not happen. To ensure you do not end up in a tough situation, it is essential to understand how to handle other drivers’ refusal of insurance.

Causes for Refusal

Like many people, you may be wondering why the other driver does not want to to file an insurance claim. While there are various reasons why an individual may refuse to settle the dispute through insurance, the most common explanation is to avoid their premiums from increasing. Other reasons may include not carrying enough insurance or they are not insured at all.

Understanding How to Handle

It is crucial to remember that you do not know the other driver and cannot trust their word about directly paying you. Often, injuries and damages result in thousands of dollars paid out of pocket, which is unlikely for people to have at their disposal. In some cases, individuals intend to avoid paying you and may deny the accident happened altogether. This is why it is important to exchange insurance information at the scene of the accident to avoid later issues.

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