A slip and fall claim may be filed under the homeowner’s liability insurance of the property owner. Filing a claim will require proof that the owner’s negligence caused or contributed to the accident in Illinois. A slip and fall attorney in Huntley may utilize various forms of evidence to prove liability for a slip and fall accident and injuries.

Compensation from Homeowner’s Liability Insurance for Injuries in a Slip and Fall Claim

When it comes to what’s covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, most people tend to think about damage from fires, floods, or the loss of property as a result of theft. However, liability insurance could help cover costs related to injuries sustained by others in a slip and fall accident. Some policies include medical payments coverage. This specifically covers the costs to care for and treat the injuries.

Keep in mind that even if there is a homeowner’s insurance policy on the property, it doesn’t prevent an injured person from suing the property owner, especially since the amount of coverage available may not be enough to cover all of the damages. If this is the case, victims of such an accident may pursue a lawsuit in Illinois with a slip and fall attorney in Huntley.

What to do after a Slip and Fall Accident on Someone Else’s Property 

The steps that are taken immediately after an accident could significantly impact the ability to file a slip and fall claim. It will be important to get the owner’s contact information, including the name and phone number of his or her homeowner’s liability insurance company. If there were any witnesses to what happened, get their names and phone numbers as well.

Seek medical attention immediately. If emergency care is not required, see a doctor after the accident. Delaying medical attention could be held against the injured person. Be sure to get the doctor’s diagnosis in writing and obtain copies of medical records. It is up to the victim to collect evidence that establishes the severity and extent of his or her injuries.

Keep in mind it will need to be proven that the owner was negligent. It’s not enough to have been injured; there must be evidence that establishes a dangerous condition existed on the property and it was because of the owner’s negligence that an accident occurred.

Contact the homeowner’s liability insurance company to file a claim. Don’t agree to sign anything without talking to an Illinois slip and fall attorney in Huntley.

Seeking Legal Counsel in Illinois with a Slip and Fall Attorney in Huntley for a Slip and Fall Claim

If the injuries in a slip and fall accident were especially severe, it might be in the injured person’s best interest to seek legal counsel. At Franks & Rechenberg in Illinois, a slip and fall attorney can assist Huntley accident victims in determining the viability of a claim and explaining the legal options that could be available for pursuing a slip and fall claim against a homeowner’s liability insurance.