A motorcycle accident can be devastating to the rider. Even if you’ve protected yourself with a good quality helmet and leathers, you have mass and inertia working against you, as even the smallest car is larger than your motorcycle. Plus, you are relatively unprotected and can come in direct contact with hard surfaces such as sheet metal and the ground. Many times, a motorcycle accident is not the rider’s fault – bikers understand the risks and generally drive very defensively, but the same cannot be said for the driver of a car or truck. Many times the driver of the automobile or truck will say they never saw the motorcycle before they hit it, but the fact is that motorcycles have as much right to the road as their bigger counterparts and it’s the responsibility of every driver to pay attention and look out for motorcycles as well as other vehicles. So, if you are a resident of Crystal Lake or McHenry County and you feel that you have been the victim of another person’s negligence and have been injured as a result, please contact the Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer and we can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.