When traffic is congested it can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Oftentimes other motorists have a more difficult time seeing them. But there are some motorcycle safety tips that could make riding through heavy traffic safer and could help prevent a motorcycle accident.

Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Heavy Traffic

The first tip is to anticipate sudden movement from other vehicles. Sometimes frustration can get the better of people, so they may unexpectedly make a lane change or turn.

Second, don’t rely just on the bike’s mirrors. Look over the shoulder before deciding to make any moves.

Third, don’t ride on the shoulder in order to pass heavy traffic. This is dangerous, especially if it’s near an off-ramp where another vehicle could be exiting.

Fourth, pay attention to the vehicle behind you, so as avoid a rear-end collision. If traffic has stalled or slowed, keep to the left or right of the vehicle that is in front. This allows for room to get out of the way in case the vehicle behind doesn’t stop.

Fifth, when approaching an intersection where a vehicle on the other side is making a left turn, don’t assume it will wait. The driver may not see the motorcycle and turn directly in its path, so be prepared.

Sixth, keep a safe distance between the bike and the vehicle in front of it. Riding bumper-to-bumper increases the chance of colliding.

Seventh, avoid lane splitting (riding in between lanes of vehicles). Not only is this dangerous, especially if a vehicle decides to abruptly change lanes, but in the state of Illinois it is against the law.

Lastly, be alert for any potential hazards: 

  • construction zones;
  • debris in the road;
  • potholes;
  • oil slicks; and
  • anything else that could possibly result in a loss of control of the bike or cause a crash.

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