Dog bite injuries can cause serious complications necessitating medical care, which can lead to significant medical bills in some cases. Victims of dog attacks may consult a Spring Grove dog bite attorney to go over their options for financial recovery from the liable dog owner following an attack of this nature.

What are some kinds of dog bite injuries? 

More serious injuries tend to be sustained from bites, often inflicted upon children, around the face, head, or neck.

The main concerns are: 

  • open wounds;
  • bleeding;
  • infection; and
  • although rare, even rabies. 

Some may experience scarring after the incident, too, or even experience broken bones as a result of a dog attack.

In some cases, there may be emotional trauma that can develop along with the physical trauma. Long after stitches have been pulled out, cuts have healed, and scars have formed, individuals, especially children, may maintain a fear of canines. Victims may be able to recover damages for both emotional and physical injuries with help from a Spring Grove dog bite attorney.

Is there a dog bite problem? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated in 2008 about 4.7 million people suffers from a dog bite each year. Most of the reported bites are inflicted on children, who tend to suffer the bulk of the actual injuries, too.

Some 800,000 Americans per year seek medical treatment for injuries sustained from dog bites, according to the CDC, indicating that serious injuries can be, and sometimes are, sustained.

While fatalities are uncommon, perhaps as few as a couple dozen per year, they are nonetheless tragic. Seeking to prevent injurious dog attacks is a top priority for many experts who believe that public education concerning handling and/or approaching dogs, especially around children, is needed.

How should victims handle dog bite injuries? 

There is no cure-all for preventing a dog attack other than to meticulously and obsessively keep loved ones away from canines. Even then, a random stray could bite, though certainly one’s chances decrease as the handling of the creature decreases.

With that said, many people simply like dogs too much or are not willing to seclude themselves for fear of canine aggression. If a dog bite is sustained, the best thing one can do is to seek medical help from professionals immediately.

Pursuing a Claim with the Help of a Spring Grove Dog Bite Attorney 

Often, seeking legal counsel with a Spring Grove dog bite attorney can be helpful to go over legal options for recovering damages sustained – such as medical bills or lost wages during recovery – as a result of dog bite injuries.