After a car accident, call your insurance company right away to report it.  Get the other driver’s license plate number and their insurance information.  Talk to witnesses (unless you require immediate medical attention) to find out what the cause may have been.  However, don’t admit to being at fault, even if you are.  Be polite, truthful and cooperative, but stick to the facts and avoid giving statements that may indicate you were at fault.  You should talk to the police, but again, avoid incriminating statements as those will go into the police report.

Do not give a written or recorded statement to anyone, especially the insurance adjuster for the other parties involved in the accident.  Ideally, you should retain a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if there are injuries involved, even if you have not been injured yourself and feel fine.  You should see a medical professional to make sure you have not sustained internal injuries.  Mention any pain or discomfort you feel.  Let the doctor do his/her job thoroughly and make sure everything gets in the doctor’s report, which may be important evidence later.

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