With construction comes the risk of injury. Even with safety measures in place, some workers may still become injured in a construction accident. Of course, that risk is elevated when there are poor working conditions, deviations from industry standards, or a lack of personal protective equipment.

Although there are numerous types of hazards facing construction workers every day, there are some that are especially dangerous. Not only can certain hazards lead to serious injuries warranting a workers’ compensation claim, it may even cause fatal injuries in some cases in which the deceased’s family may pursue workers’ comp benefits.

Construction Hazards That Could Result in Serious or Fatal Injury

  • Scaffolding: A fall from any height can cause significant head trauma, along with fractures and other injuries. Scaffolding accidents can be the result of unstable supports, improper assembly, missing or broken guardrails, damaged brackets or braces, or being too close to electrical lines.
  • Ineffective or missing fall protection: Fall protection should be in place and maintained, including safety nets, guardrails, and restraint systems and covers.
  • Stairways: Trips and falls may be attributed to debris and material being in the way, slippery conditions, or lack of a handrail or treads.
  • Lack of communication about hazardous substances: When employees are working with or near chemicals, it’s important workers are made aware and trained on proper use. All substances should be clearly marked.
  • Openings in floors or walls: Openings can lead to falls down stairways or other areas. Guardrails and covers can protect workers.
  • Electricity: Avoid injuries by making sure power sources are turned off, cords and cables aren’t frayed or damaged, and all tools are in good working condition.

These are just some of the hazards that are oftentimes connected to construction accidents and may warrant pursuit of a workers’ compensation claim, in which an attorney at Franks & Rechenberg can help.