Many people only have basic knowledge about the parameters of a personal injury lawyer’s job. An attorney’s work in personal injury law is expansive and multi-tiered, and consists of numerous directives and objectives. Many of the tasks that injury lawyers perform occur behind the scenes.

Important Tasks Covered by Your Personal Injury Lawyer 

Just to get a rough idea of some of the little things personal injury attorneys do, take a look at some of these duties they routinely perform: 

  • research facts and collect evidence;
  • prepare complaints, petitions, and other legal documents;
  • determine how your insurance coverage may pay your bills;
  • develop strategies to successfully demonstrate injuries;
  • keep you up-to-date on statutes and procedures related to your case;
  • field counterclaims and protect your rights from unfair arguments from the defense;
  • set up and attend conferences with mediators and the courts;
  • help you negotiate settlement offers and advise you before you sign;
  • locate and utilize field specialists to help prove your case;
  • prepare for court if a settlement can’t be reached;
  • prepare exhibits for the court;
  • help select a jury for your case;
  • prepare witnesses or experts for testimony;
  • handle any liens placed on the settlement; and
  • help you determine if you should appeal or accept the jury’s verdict.

Finding a Personal Injury Law Firm in Illinois 

These are only a handful of the things the lawyers at Franks & Rechenberg, P.C. do in order to achieve the best possible results or our clients. If you need legal counsel after an accident has left you injured, contact us today at (847) 854-7700 and we will begin working to help you obtain a fair and just settlement for your personal injury case.